The Most Fuel-Efficient Nissans

"Despite continuing advancements in hybrid and electric car technology, the good old-fashioned internal-combustion engine is still kickin'. In fact, affordable, fuel-efficient, gasoline-powered cars still outnumber electric cars, and they have a lock on the under-$30,000 category-for now. For those who want to spend less on gasoline without forking over big money on a hybrid or electric vehicle, here are the most efficient Nissans gas-only models you can buy today."

According to Car and Driver Magazine, the Nissan Versa and Nissan Sentra are the most fuel-efficient Nissans available today! Visit our new inventory page to see if we have any in stock now. If we don't, you're not out of luck! Use our online form to submit a request for your custom order Nissan from Hanlees Fairfield Nissan. 
Nissan Sentra 33mpg 
Nissan Versa 35mpg